About Us

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

St Barnabas College is a community of inspired learners equipped and enabled to serve God and the Church.

Our Mission

St Barnabas College will achieve its vision by:

  1. Striving for academic excellence
  2. Creating opportunities for ministry training, personal growth, and professional development
  3. Building a Community of Learning for the whole people of God

Our Strategic Goals

1. Striving for academic excellence

  • Appoint expert teaching staff
  • Benchmark subject content delivery against the Higher Education Provider
  • Support a research active culture
  • Enable First Nations People access to theological education and support them to achieve
  • Provide an excellent online teaching and learning environment

2. Creating opportunities for ministry training and professional development

  • Identify needs and deliver professional development programs for the Diocese
  • Support the spiritual and pastoral care of students and staff
  • Actively promote vocations – lay and ordained
  • Welcome theological diversity through a principle of generous orthodoxy
  • Aim for inclusivity of gender and cultures

3. Building a centre of learning for the whole people of God

  • Foster an environment of active learning
  • Identify, design, and provide short non-tertiary accredited courses
  • Instil a joy of learning
  • Collaborate with the wider Anglican community
  • Promote sustainability and awareness of climate and environment