Information for Staff

Each semester, physical copies of the prescribed/required textbooks are placed in the Reserve-Library use only collection.

Please inform the librarian of your chosen textbook/s well before the semester start date to ensure their availability for students. If textbooks need to be purchased, they can take up to 4 weeks to arrive.

Choosing a textbook

As a guide, when choosing a textbook for your course:

  • Search the University of Divinity’s Library Hub to check if a suitable eBook is already available. You will need your ARK login credentials to access any electronic resources via the Library Hub.
  • Search the St Barnabas College Library for existing print resources.
  • Contact the library by email to check if the eBook licence will cover the number of students enrolled in your subject.
  • Check online booksellers to see if your text can easily be purchased by your students.
  • Check for the latest edition.
  • Add the Lean Library browser extension to your web browser. The app will notify you when a resource is available electronically via the UD’s Library Hub.

 Purchasing Textbooks

For the benefit of students, staff and the wider University of Divinity community, the library’s preference is to purchase the prescribed textbooks in eBook format if it is possible to do so.

The following factors are considered when making decisions on whether to purchase print or eBook textbooks:

  • Access: many  textbooks cannot be purchased as eBooks for educational institutions.  If an eBook is purchased, it will be made available via the University of Divinity’s Library Hub.
  • Cost: eBook textbook prices can often be much higher than the print book alternatives.
  • Licencing:  we aim to purchase textbooks that allow unlimited user access if available.

For assistance in choosing or purchasing textbooks please contact

Course reserves are physical resources which will be frequently used by students during the semester.  These are placed on Reserve, either as Reserve – Library use only, or 7 Day Loan items.

As a guideline, Course reserves include resources such as:

  • Required textbooks
  • Books containing specific chapters which students are required to read
  • Books where no eBook copy is available, but can be borrowed on short term loan

To request books be placed on Reserve, Search the catalogue then download and fill in the request form below. Return the form by email to  

Course reserves request form (Word doc.)

Electronic resources

To share resources with students, UD recommends linking to resources as best practice in Copyright compliance rather than uploading documents into ARK.

Print resources & Copyright

SBC has Statutory Education Licence which allows educators to copy and share copyrighted material with their students.  To use copies of print resources as part of your teaching materials, ensure you also supply a full list of your selected readings to the library.  This is to help ensure that readings meet Copyright compliance guidelines.
All copies must have an SBC Copyright notice on the front of each copy with the date of distribution included.

Notices can be downloaded below, or found in the pigeonhole next to the photocopier in the library.

Word       PDF         JPEG (for PowerPoint presentations)

For assistance on Copyright, contact the library by email or check Copying under an education licence

Open access resources are distributed online, free of cost and free of  access barriers such as digital rights management software.  Open access resources are published under a Creative Commons Licence which generally means resources can be shared and used freely.

More information can be found on the University of Divinity’s Open Access library guide.  A list of Open Access publisher list can be found under More information

Video Content

SBC does not have a Screenrights licence. This means that lecturers cannot copy and communicate Copyrighted television and radio broadcasts for educational purposes.

Can I borrow books from another library?

Yes, University of Divinity current students and staff can borrow from other partner colleges in South Australia by  visiting the library in person with your University of Divinity ID card.

St Barnabas College staff and students, can borrow from the Adelaide Theological Library at Brooklyn Park and LOHE, the Australian Lutheran College library located at North Adelaide.

If you would like to borrow a book from a partner college located interstate, please contact the St Barnabas College library 

Read Shared Library Services FAQ’s

Obtain a University of Divinity card

Send a request with a JPEG passport style photograph to 

UD IT Systems access:  Staff members will need to fill in an IT Systems Access Form to obtain a login to access ARK, Library Hub and Paradigm.  The completed form should be sent to for approval.  This will then be forwarded to University of Divinity for processing.

Search UD Library Hub:

UD Library Essentials:

Lean Library: include this browser extension on your browser to find Library Hub full-text content while you are searching the Internet.