Library Scanning Request

St Barnabas College Library staff can scan and email excerpts of any resource held by the library for library members only.

All requests must comply with the Australian copyright regulations, as a general rule this means up to one (1) whole chapter, one (1) whole journal article, or 10% of a library resource (whichever is less) can be provided.

Submitting this form constitutes a request by a library client under section 49(1) of the Copyright Act 1968.

By completing this form I, the below named library patron, hereby request a reproduction of the below named resource. I declare that I require the reproduction for the purpose of research and study and I will not use it for any other purpose, and I have not previously been supplied with a reproduction of the same material by an authorised officer of the library or archives. In the event that my request is for more than one article from the same issue of a periodical, I further declare that each article is for the same research or course of study.