Register for a library card

To obtain a library card you will need to register for borrowing. To register, click on Register located in the top right-hand corner of the catalogue page. Ensure all fields on the form are completed.

Please provide a current email address as library notices such as reminder notices, are automatically sent to your email.

Select a Loan category from the drop down menu such as; Academic staff,  undergraduate, public member etc. If you are a clergy member, please specify your parish in the address field.

Once your account has been created, you will receive a confirmation email. Membership cards can be picked up from the library. If a membership fee is charged, please contact the librarian to organize payment.

Borrowing conditions

SBC library does not offer a postal service for borrowing. All items become the responsibility of the borrower while on loan.

Please do not remove books from the library without borrowing. Act on notifications which are sent from the library regarding loans.

Return or renew items by the due date. If items are overdue, borrowing rights are blocked. Return items as soon as possible or contact the library to see if a renewal is possible.

Inform the library if your contact details have changed. Otherwise, you can update your contact details in Details when you login to your library record.

Contact the librarian as soon as possible if an item has been lost or damaged while on loan to you.

What can I borrow?

See this pdf to find out what you can borrow.