Academic Higher Education / Undergraduate Awards

Master of Divinity


3 years full-time, up to 9 years part-time

Modes of Study

Classroom, mixed, online


$57,096 at 2024 fees

Start Date

February, July


The Master of Divinity is a primary theological degree for students with a degree in another area. The Master of Divinity enables students to apply an advanced body of knowledge in divinity and its associated disciplines in ministry contexts. Students broaden their knowledge and skills to prepare them for professional practice and further learning.

Course Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the Master of Divinity:

  • have advanced knowledge of sources, terms and concepts required in divinity and its related disciplines
  • have mastery of research principles and methods, including analytical and communication skills applicable to divinity and its related disciplines
  • have advanced skills of interpretation and critical reflection on a range of theological and related disciplines, with awareness of their implications and applications to historical and contemporary issues and contexts, in order to generate and evaluate ideas for professional practice and further learning
  • articulate and communicate knowledge and insights in divinity and its related disciplines to specialist and non-specialist audiences
  • apply relevant theological and hermeneutical skills through the execution of a substantial research-based project, theological synthesis, or supervised ministry project.


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