Academic Higher Education / Undergraduate Awards

Bachelor of Theology


3 years full-time, up to 9 years part-time

Modes of Study

Classroom, mixed, online


$49,128 at 2024 fees

Start Date

February, July


The Bachelor of Theology critically examines life and faith through the study of scriptures, theological traditions and historical contexts. It aims to broaden self-understanding and facilitate cultural engagement.  The Bachelor of Theology assists students to develop knowledge across broad areas of theology and depth in particular areas of interest. It develops research and communication skills, and prepares graduates for further theological study. It may be possible for students to undertake study in a ministry setting as part of the course.

Course Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the Bachelor of Theology

  • have a broad, coherent and critical knowledge of Christian theological traditions and methodologies, with focused knowledge in at least one area.
  • can articulate the knowledge they have acquired to generate insights and communicate them through clear reasoned argument.
  • are able to engage theological traditions and contemporary culture.
  • have a theologically informed basis for engagement and service in community and world.


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