Academic Higher Education / Undergraduate Awards

Undergraduate Certificate in Divinity


1 Semester Full Time, Up to 2 Years Part Time

Modes of Study

Classroom, mixed, online


$8,188 at 2024 fees

Start Date

February, July


The Undergraduate Certificate in Divinity offers students an opportunity to explore a range of theological, philosophical and ministry-related studies. Students may explore new or develop existing knowledge and skills for vocational and professional purposes. The Undergraduate Certificate provides a pathway to further undergraduate studies in divinity-related areas and is a foundation for lifelong learning.

The Undergraduate Certificate in Divinity is an undergraduate qualification taught in English which normally takes one semester of full-time study or two semesters of part-time study. The qualification requires successful completion of 72 points at undergraduate level from any discipline except Professional Counselling. Students may explore one or more areas such as: History, Philosophy, Biblical Studies, Theology, Mission and Ministry, Leadership, Education and Spirituality.

Course Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the Undergraduate Certificate in Divinity

  • have knowledge of some foundational concepts in the study of divinity.
  • apply basic skills of interpretation to texts and concepts.
  • apply knowledge and skills in contemporary contexts.


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